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Burnley Football Club

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TALENT ticketing solution alongside
Youforia virtual view software

Burnley Football Club offers fans virtual view from each seat when purchasing tickets

Leading the way in providing a greater experience for all supporters.

Based at Turf Moor since 1883, Burnley Football Club is an English association football club and one of the 12 founder members of the Football League. We currently compete in the Premier League but are one of only five sides to have won all four professional divisions of English football. Nicknamed ‘The Clarets’ because of the dominant colour of our home shirt, Burnley FC is an intrinsic part of our local community.

Our vision for fans

Football has the ability to bring people together from a wide range of different communities, and our club helps to foster cohesion throughout the town and wider area. We are a small club that is now playing in a league of large multi-nationals. The global interest in us is exciting, but we remain a local club with traditional family values. Our ‘one club for all’ ethos means everyone is welcome here, and we are committed to promoting equality and valuing diversity within the organisation and our supporters.

Whether our fans are following Burnley FC digitally, or visiting in person, we want to provide ease of use and a great fan experience. We have been working on providing better outreach for some time and improving our IT estate to support that. This is reflected in our digital engagement strategy that we have been implementing for the last two years.

A virtual view by seat

One of our main goals has been to enhance our ticket booking experience by creating a 360 degree virtual view from each seat – not just for each section of the stadium. We have been working in partnership with YouForia, who have developed this powerful software, and Advanced whose TALENT ticketing and e-commerce solution integrates fully with this virtual view.

We now have a solution that means every time a supporter goes online to buy a ticket, whether it’s for a single game or for the season, they can choose a seat and instantly see their view of the pitch, how close they are to the concourse, how many steps they have to climb, where the nearest toilets and concessions are etc. This innovative technology adds a new dimension for our supporters and a more personalised experience in their ticket purchase.

Nick Taylor, our Marketing Operations Manager, comments : “We are proud that we are first to market with this solution and delighted that we can now offer our supporters exciting new features as part of their ticket purchase. The ability to see the exact seat you will be viewing the action from is a real benefit as we all look forward to the return to stadiums over the coming months.”

One club for all

We understand that visiting a stadium with any kind of disability can be daunting, and we don’t want our fans to feel like it would be prohibitive. Our stadium was originally made up of four individual stands, which gave us the opportunity to create new accessibility stands in these corners specifically for those with mobility issues and their carers. These are unique in the Premier League and our supporters can now go online, examine the seat options and select ones that are ideal for them.

Nick adds: “We are constantly looking out for new ways to make Turf Moor more accessible for all fans. It is extremely important to us that our disabled supporters can enjoy the same experience.”

Our powerful ticketing software

Advanced’s TALENT solution, fully integrated with the 360 degree virtual view, enables a supporter to easily go on to purchase a ticket having selected a seat based on the view from it, the surrounding area and its amenities. Our website has a single sign-on that provides access to everything on the site. It is mobile responsive, available anywhere in the world 24/7 and adapts to whichever device – PC, tablet or mobile – that it is being viewed on.

Nick comments: “We have also recently purchased a TALENT ticketing extension and hospitality module which will provide extra benefits for our commercial team. TALENT also integrates with our access control systems which has been particularly important during the pandemic.”

Future Plans

Our next aim is to work further with YouForia to offer a full virtual tour of Turf Moor, showing supporters how they would enter through the gates, use the elevators, find the right concourse and move through the stadium. We plan to use drone footage to include the areas surrounding the stadium such as parking facilities. We want to include the local transport system too, so fans can see the trip they are going to make in advance and plan the best route. For those with disabilities they will be able to get information about where the drop curbs or pedestrian crossings are, for example, and plan the safest, easiest journey.

Ensuring fans’ safety at sports events is always of paramount importance, and never more so than now. With social distancing high on everyone’s agenda the virtual view will help reassure fans about the distances between them and the best routes to the facilities.

Nick concludes: “We’ve been massively impressed by the innovative and excellent work carried out by our partners on this project so far. We are very excited about future developments and the increasing options we will be able to offer our supporters.”

TALENT is the ticketing division of Advanced, one of 

the UK’s leading software companies.

Burnley FC are both launch partners and ambassadors for YOUFORIA software.