YOUFORIA’s virtual stadium offers a unique platform for bringing the positive work in the community onto the main site, giving fans an insight into the scope of the clubs reach outside the confines of the sporting arena. Clubs have immense power to transform people’s lives for the better and many of them work hard every day to deliver this mission to the communities in which they operate. Highlighting the most recent work and initiatives through our platform helps with partnership activations and in turn, helps inspire and deliver positive change for all.

Community support is channelled into key areas: Education & Employability, Community Welfare & Inclusion, Football Development and Community Facilities and clubs often help young people right through to senior citizens.

This work often relies on fundraising activities, donations, sponsorships and grants, and by bringing this important aspect to the forefront of the engagement platform, can help raise funds through sponsorships and donations; so that the club can continue to develop opportunities for those who need it most.