Safety & Security

Ensuring fans’ safety at sports events is of paramount importance, and nevermore so given the COVID 19 pandemic. YOUFORIA’s virtual stadium renders and flythroughs play a significant part in reassuring fans that every precaution has been considered. The opportunity to not only look at a plan, but also experience a virtual stadium view and get a sense of the distance between other fans, along with safe routes to the various facilities, will play a key role in building confidence.

In addition, the virtual environment allows clubs the opportunity of training security staff in an exact visual representation of the stadium and other elements, such as crowd control, access control and video surveillance can all be linked and manipulated in relation to ticket sales and other factors.

Our renders can be created to show all areas relating to safety and security, including exits and emergency routes. In addition, the environment can be shared in real time, for collaboration with local critical incident and emergency response teams.